House, M.D.

Help Dr. House solve some of his most complicated cases




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If you like House, the television series starring Hugh Laurie as a bitter, cynical doctor specializing in diagnostics, this game may be for you.

It's a conversational graphic adventure that will have you working on some of the cases that only Dr. House can solve. You, of course, will control the Doctor, with the rest of the staff from the series (Cameroon, Chase, Foreman...) at your beck and call.

The game's graphics are quite peculiar, as they are hand drawn from still images taken from the actual show, giving the overall look a realistic touch without making you feel like you're just watching TV.

House, M.D. is a game aimed at fans of the TV series, who will surely be thrilled to play as their favorite doctor.

In the demo version you can only play a small part of the first case.

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